Cultivating a World-Class Safety Culture

Safety underpins everything we do at Colwill. It’s at the forefront of all planning works, guides our project decision making and is a vital to our overall success. But “world-class safety” only works if everyone in the organization is involved. That is why we are pleased to announce that the Colwill Engineering Companies have reinstated our quarterly group safety meetings for both our Orlando and Tampa field staff, effective FY22, Q2. 

Back and better than ever

While we continued to perform structured, smaller scale, local jobsite safety meetings during the past 24 months, we had paused our all-employee group safety meetings during the pandemic to adhere to health department protocols. Now, with full-scale meetings back in full swing, we can continue to ensure that all employees stay safe, informed and aligned with new priorities.

Topics, awards and bonuses

Topics at our last safety meeting included Aerial Work Platforms Certifications, Forklift Certifications, Highway Driving Safety, General First Aid and overall jobsite situational awareness. We were also pleased to deliver numerous employee service awards to long-term employees, as well as safety bonus checks for all direct-labor employees. All very well deserved!

Off to a great start

It was great to connect with so many of long-term employees, as well as many new faces, between our Mechanical, Electrical, and Technology teams. Our Office & Administrative staff also joined for a portion of the meeting for a catered lunch and overall business update. 2022 is off to a great start and we are excited for a great year—supported by the best staff in the industry!

Get it done right the first time.