Leslie Lawther

Colwill Engineering Vice President/Controller


Leslie has over 35 years of experience in the construction industry.  She began working for Chuck Colwill in mid-1984 as a young college student.  Leslie had the unique experience to learn from the ground up while she continued her studies.  She began her career in accounts payable, taking in everything there was to absorb about the accounting side of purchasing and processing payables.  While the original company went through a sale to become a Florida division of a very large national corporation, internally Leslie was promoted to Office Manager of our local Florida branch.  She managed everything from contracts administration and accounts receivable to project reporting and coordination with our home office in Baton Rouge, LA. 

In September of 1992 Leslie joined Chuck Colwill in his new electrical consulting engineering firm.  This was a whole new side of the business to learn, however applying her 8 years of knowledge in the electrical construction industry, the transition was seamless.  After 27 years of steady growth with the various emerging companies, she now contributes to the successes of the businesses by

Get it done right the first time.