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With assets totaling $1.8 billion, The Bank of Tampa is one of the largest community banks in the Tampa Bay area. Since The Bank of Tampa’s inception in 1984, it has been privately owned by its staff, directors, and clients.

The Bank of Tampa was built with the foundation of a commercial bank, but over the years, strived to diversify their portfolio to reach many different industries and professionals. They offer commercial banking—which includes middle market, commercial real estate, SBA lending, and treasury services—personal banking, wealth management, and trust services—truly making them a full-service community bank.


With its growth, The Bank of Tampa needed a state-of-the-art center to support its operations for present and well into the future. The top two floors of the 60,000 square foot facility provide that environment in keeping with the latest in office design, while the first floor provides covered parking and a replacement for the long-standing Armenia branch location.


In a facility of this type, reliability is a prime consideration. As the central hub for the bank the center must stay in operation. The Colwill team was up to the task, providing a power distribution system that not only features multiple layers of redundancy, but one that made economic sense and allows for system maintenance without interruption. Extensive collaboration with all of the project constituents and cost benefit analysis in the pre-construction stages was key. The process allowed the implementation of all the systems necessary for the center as well as a first-class aesthetic result, all while keeping realistic project budgets.


The team approach, including value engineering and life cycle cost analyses from the outset of the process, is producing in a Class A facility that will meet the needs of the Bank for years to come. The attention to detail has delivered a project that serves all the requirements while staying within reasonable budgets. Phased, on time completion of the various elements of the project will allow a smooth transition of all operations. In summary, a project that is a total success.

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