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Now in its third generation of Feld family leadership, Feld Entertainment® continues its phenomenal success and acclaim. The Feld family upholds its long-standing company mission of creating memorable experiences that bring people together and uplift the human spirit. They are recognized as the world leader in touring and presenting celebrated spectacular live experiences that have inspired generations of families. The unwavering Feld Entertainment philosophy invests passion, innovation and meticulous attention to detail in the creation of astonishing productions that enthrall more than 25 million people in 75 countries on six continents, with as many as 5,000 shows each year.


The Feld Entertainment facility is a mixture of commercial office space, industrial construction space, and large-scale rehearsal hall space; encompassing over 580,000 sq. ft. The building is located in Palmetto, Florida.


Colwill was able to provide a combined all-inclusive, MEP Engineering, Electrical construction and Low Voltage Systems construction package which spanned over a 2-year duration. This project was the definition of an adaptive re-use. Originally built in the 1980’s as a transformer manufacturing facility, the buildings sat dormant for a number of years. Conversion of the campus to a world headquarters for such a diverse entity presented numerous challenges. Everything from creating areas for building and repairing all of the many items used in the varied shows, to automotive shops and state of the art office facilities had to be included, all with varied and specific needs. The addition of rehearsal halls akin to sound studios was the final touch. All of the existing mechanical and electrical systems had to be evaluated to determine which portions could be rehabilitated and re-used and how they would need to be modified to address environmental and operating needs; all in a fashion that provided first class operation, while maintaining reasonable budgets that were set early on in the project development.


Highlights include a 13KV distribution system, complete re-work of all lighting and controls, a 1500-ton chilled water plant, provisions for all equipment (including unique electrical and ventilation requirements), Computer head end facility with redundant systems, and all new low voltage systems. The design build delivery system allowed all of this to be done, from initial evaluation and design to occupancy in less than two years.

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