Secure Your Workplace with Access Control

With push-start cars and smarter spaces to live and work, traditional metal keys are quickly becoming obsolete. That’s because access control technology offers greater convenience, better security and so much more.

For commercial properties in particular, access control systems go beyond restricting who comes into a building. These intelligent systems also help to automate and strengthen your operations by monitoring and managing every level of access.

4 Advantages of Access Control Systems:

  1. Customize the system to your specific needs.
    Access control systems can be programmed to control who does and does not have permission to the building and even specific rooms within it. For example, you may choose to grant exterior access to your employees, contract workers and vendors. However, perhaps only employees may be allowed full access to other parts of the building where key operations are performed or secure information lives.

  2. Make things easier for your staff.
    Access control systems are designed to make getting in and out of your building as safe and seamless as possible. There are a number of ways to do this. You can implement a traditional password system, issue access cards or security fobs. Or, if you don’t want your employees to have to remember a password or fumble with a physical key, you can rely on newer technologies like fingerprint readers or smartphone apps.

  3. See who’s coming and going, 24/7.
    Your access control system also provides a wealth of data. It’s easy to check and see who entered your building, what time they arrived, how long they stayed and even the parts of the building they accessed while visiting your facility. This is particularly useful for monitoring the activity of delivery people and preventing imposters from gaining access to business.

  4. Save lives with emergency lockdowns.
    In the event of a serious, life-threatening emergency like an active shooter situation, you can use the access control system to lock down your facilities. Within a matter of seconds, this feature can be used to keep anyone from getting into the building or lock down specific areas inside of it. This will help keep all of your employees safe while buying valuable time for emergency personnel to respond.

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